Java Talkin’

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little neighborhood in South Seattle called Hillman City. Vibrantly full of children riding their bikes and playing kickball in the street at all hours of the night, with their parents sitting outside to keep a watchful eye.

But the children grew up, moved out and moved on. The unfortunate consequence was the area fell apart. Neighbors kept to themselves. There was no longer a sense of community.

Then a wondrous thing happened. A startlingly bright and warm ray of sunshine, in the form of a coffee shop opened up on the southeast corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Findlay Street, whimsically named The Tin Umbrella (

It was a much needed impetus that started the ball rolling in the right direction; reclaiming neighborhood pride that was once lost. Suddenly people are smiling at one another, stopping to say hello and coo over each other’s dogs (wow, has this area become dog heaven! Not that I’m complaining, mind you). Regularly scheduled neighborhood clean ups are now the norm. We have crossing flags to safely navigate Rainier Avenue. Other businesses have been and are opening up left and right, revitalizing the economy of this small area of Seattle. Local artists’ and cooks’ incredible creations are being showcased within the walls of this cozy nook.

And the coffee itself! Oh, my java, the coffee! They roast their own blend of exquisite, smooth, tertiary colored beans that, when properly concocted, transforms into  cups of liquid tranquility. But it isn’t “just” the coffee. It’s the entire agglomeration.

The owner of The Tin Umbrella, Joya Iverson, hmmm what can I say about this spunky, warm-hearted, phenomenal person? From the first moment I entered her shop, I felt at home. Joya has the ability, with her beaming smile, to convey to you that you are not only a customer, but a friend.

There is also a back story to all of this that is nothing short of amazing, which you can read here:

There isn’t much more I can say except whenever you’re in the ‘hood, stop on by for some smiles, good coffee, a scrumptious pastry, maybe a t-shirt or two? LOL seriously, this coffee shop has made my homecoming (I recently moved back here) all the more sweeter… and more importantly, caffeinated *wink*.


One thought on “Java Talkin’

  1. I wish I had know about this sooner, I was just up in Seattle a week ago and I know exactly where you are talking about. I could have used something new and good cup of coffee is always the trick.

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