To Slam Or Not To Slam

My latest poem is 99% complete. I was going to post it as is, however, upon reflection, I have decided to video tape myself. I think. I had the opportunity once to deliver my original poetry vocally. It was very different than singing in front of a crowd, for sure! It was well received, but it took a lot out of me.

When I sing, I’m “home” – it’s something I’ve done in front of an audience almost all my life. But conveying my emotions through my own written words, it’s a whole other ball game. There’s a certain vulnerability involved that goes much deeper than stage fright. It’s the bearing of one’s soul; its fragility much too delicate to be handled with a cavalier attitude. 

I usually leave interpretation of my poems and stories to you, the reader, to take what you will from it. Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to tell you something in my own way, with feelings that are my own, so you might be able to understand me a little better. And maybe, hopefully,  understand yourself a little better as well.


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