Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

*I wrote a blog on another site a couple of years ago that I wish to share with you:

I came across a very interesting article by Ryan J. Voigt, M.A. – UW-Eau Claire Counseling Services. He has written a simple, easy-to-understand definition and self-help techniques guide on self-esteem issues as it relates to people with disabilities – Self-Esteem and People with Disabilities. The techniques are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to teach a person new skills on how to solve problems concerning emotions, behaviors and cognitions through goal-oriented, systematic procedure.


Self-esteem is not exclusive to people with disabilities – almost everyone has struggled with it at one time or another. However, not only can CBT help with self-esteem issues, its techniques can also be applied to pain management, anxiety issues, overall physical and mental health, and daily life situations.


I also found a helpful site where you can download self-help material, using CBT. These materials include: Five Step Thinking Diary, Relaxation Diary and Helpful Self Statements, to name a few. Some or all of these materials may be of benefit.


There are certainly many more approaches available to those who are seeking information and assistance on these subjects.


I chose to write about CBT as I have personally used and continue to use these learned skills. After my leg was amputated in 2005, I participated in a year-long study with the University of Washington on the application of CBT and its effectiveness on managing phantom pain. I was also given the opportunity to learn more about CBT through psychotherapy, because of depression and anxiety issues.


In both instances, with consistent use, I have found CBT to be an extremely useful form of self-help.


The key is, if you are living with any of these issues, you need to be willing and committed toward the goal of bettering yourself, whether through the use of CBT or other avenues. It does pay off in the long run.


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